Tree Plantation Challenge

Leos from Leo Club Of BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology are concerned about the environment and thus planted 283 trees. #TheyPlantTreedForTheFutureGeneration #ReduceGlobalWarming #ReduceCarbonEmission #MakeTheEarthEvenGreener #FutureIsLeo


Valentina Matiku spent the majority of her younger years trekking across the blistering hot savannah for water – albeit dirty – so her family could drink, farm, bathe. Time spent on the life-sustaining task meant time not spent gaining education to forge a more promising future. Sadly, Matiku’s story is not unique. However, today she… Continue reading PROVIDING RELIEF FROM AFAR

World Lions Service Day

Lions, Leos, guests and the whole community of Calabar Metropolis converged to celebrate the World Lions Day 2022 with the theme “Service first; Together we can” on October 8, 2022. Lions, Leos and guests arrived the muster point, Effie Ette at approximately 7am and there was an awareness walk ”Leovangelism” from the muster point through… Continue reading World Lions Service Day

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting Scarcity of water is going to be the most burning issue in the near future. There are various causes for the situation which are not needed to be highlighted here. Keeping in view the need of conservation and recharge of Rain water , the Lions Club Lucknow Pratishtha District 321B1 has taken… Continue reading Rain Water Harvesting

“Plant trees save the nature”

A Lions club of Chautara Kathmandu city is now established at Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. It has 25 active members who are motivated with social work. This club has conducted many activities to serve the people among them which includes blood donations, an eye camp, hunger relief program, a sanitation campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a… Continue reading “Plant trees save the nature”

Mural alusivo a proteccion del medio ambiente

El Club Leo Alpha de Coro Distrito E-1 Venezuela realizo un mural en la sede del Club de Leones de Coro dedicado a la promocion de proteccion del medio ambiente en el mes de abril mes de la concienciacion de cuidar nuestro medio ambiente. Sistieron 15 Leos y fue muy motivador.