Tree Plantation : For Ever Our City is Green

We have founded the Tree Plantation movement.. it is called ‘Hariali” means Greenery. All NGOs included Lions Club : Antalia. Lions Club : Bilimora and Lions Club : Bilimora-Yugma…We have ‘strongly’ decided to fight against Global Warning.
Trees are planting in every corners, vacant Government places, common plots of resident areas since last five years. Trees will be 2 feet to 20 feet high. This work is carrying out during every monsoon season. We have also set up one ‘Wakasaki’ Japanese concept , where there are about 1200 trees planted in 50*50 fts area and now a days like a small forest. Also look after every month by giving water fertilizer and shaping good healthy condition of each tree. For this work one dedicated team is established. Our aim is that our City Bilimora will be seen a forest through satellite.
We have also motivated, guiding and educated the public ….regarding the benefit of tree planting and environment effects for future generation with a big drive.

Our next step will be to cover areas of Our Taluka Gandevi in big way. Our project is also noticed by Govt. giving their helping hands due to keen interest and dedicated Aim for Environment of our LIONS FRIENDS of our all clubs of Bilimora. My all time time is always dedicated to this mankind Noble Works. during whole years since five years.