Menstrual hygiene, a very important risk factor for reproductive tract infections, is a vital aspect of health education for adolescent girls. With an objective to transmit the vital message and educate the beliefs, conception about menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls and women in the slum areas was the main objective of Lions Club Lucknow Premier. We conducted a workshop on Menstrual Hygiene to increase awareness among adolescent and less fortunate women. This was followed by giving away Sanitary Napkins to them so as to do our bit in mitigating the suffering of millions of women in slums.
Menstruation and menstrual practices still face many social, cultural, and religious restrictions which are a big barrier in the path of menstrual hygiene. Girls and women have very less or no knowledge about reproductive tract infections caused due to ignorance of personal hygiene during menstruation time. So moving ahead in our campaign to educate and make them aware about the same we conducted an activity of Distributing the sanitary napkins along with conversation on Menstrual Hygiene Practices and its health impact by President Ln Superna Trehan and Treasurer Ln Mili Thukral was conducted in several local slums.

Women with wide spectrum of disabilities can add another layer of difficulty. Due to their restrictions in mobility we decided to install Sanitary Vending Machine Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machine at Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University on the occasion of 75th Independence Day. The vending machines were installed to ensure an effective, safe and convenient mode for any time access to sanitary napkins. The purpose is to promote safe and hygienic- sanitary practices among to differently able women and girls. The girls were excited

We installed another sanitary Napkin Vending Machine at Maharaja Agrasen School Gomti Nagar and thus empowering girls and staff with its benefits. A small talk on menstrual hygiene was conducted by President Lion Superna Trehan to the girl students. But this is not the end of our story we have long way to go and bring the change in lives of girls…end the silence…no shame periods and keep awaking the girls.