Funding an Urban Oasis for All

I am proud of my district for planting 1,000 trees in in the Geumjeong Mountain area. Thanks to a LCIF District and Club Community Impact grant, my club was able to help keep the Earth in its best condition. Now, the citizens of Busan, Korea, can enjoy the nature around them, all thanks to Lions and LCIF.

A rapidly growing problem, deforestation robs wildlife of their homes while also wreaking havoc on weather patterns, air quality, climate, and entire ecosystems. As forests are cleared to make way for development or unsafe farming, a dire situation is being created. Air quality is suffering for residents, and land animals, the vast majority of which live in forested land, are becoming extinct. In urban Busan, Korea, Lions did their part to tackle deforestation and grow a healthier environment. Using a US$34,103 LCIF District and Club Community Impact grant, they planted 1,000 trees in the Geumjeong Mountain area, where residents were seeking more open space to enjoy fresh air.

To rapidly transform the land into an urban forest oasis, Lions worked the land, dotting it with fast-growing fragrant cypress and colorful camellia trees.

With each new day, Lions Forest grows more lush, providing a much-needed home to wildlife and visitors with improved air quality, shade, tranquility, and abundant opportunity to enjoy nature.