Children Get Cancer Too

Article Written by: Lion Dr. John Anthony Tindoc, a Pathologist by profession.

Childhood is a time of play, of relentless joy, of dreaming free. It is also a time of bruised knees, broken crayon, and the occasional runny nose. But for a small fraction of children, fate is less forgiving. Approximately three percent (3%) of cancer occur in those age 14 years or less. What would parents give for a bruised knee or even a broken bone, instead?

Lions International has positioned itself in humanity’s fight against Childhood Cancer. Childhood cancer is one of the global areas of Lions International. It is our hope to address knowledge by increasing awareness of Childhood Cancer in our locality. And in that rallying call, we hope the community, in its diverse skills and resources, can join with us to address the plight of these stricken children and their families.

Few things are more beautiful than the laughter of innocence. We hope the community come together to preserve that sacred joy.