ADOPT School Teachers

Corona devastated the education system more than anything else. Students and teachers experienced unceasing difficult times following the outbreak of corona across the country and the globe.

Teachers were assigned various responsibilities that they were not familiar with. Many teachers who never had an opportunity to stand in front of a video camera were asked to produce full length online lessons and use technologies that they had not even heard of.

The unavailability of resources, unfamiliarity of students with technology and unwarranted intervention of parents were some stumbling blocks that cropped up during the last the last two years. Equally serious were the unpreparedness of teachers and the lack of teacher training resources. All these issues needed to be addressed to make teaching-learning during these pandemic times more productive.

Many of our formal and informal surveys proved that the most effective route to impact the minds and hearts of students is to train the teachers.

Thus, Lions in District 320D led by m nagaRAJU initiated several creative academic events to train them.

To help teachers overcome some of these difficulties, we designed a Lions Academy with Development Opportunity for Passionate Teachers (Lions ADOPT Schools) with these objectives:
a) to organize online workshops for teacher development,
b) to offer training in latest educational technologies,
c) to organize periodic academic talent promotion activities, and
d) to create a forum for teachers to discuss their difficulties and identify possible solutions.
As one of our first initiatives in this direction, we conducted an e-content development contest for school teachers. Each participating teacher produced a short video on a given topic to take part in this contest. The best of the entries received cash prizes and certificates of merit.

A local minister handed over the certificates to the winners thus adding glamour, glitter and publicity to the event.