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Gold September- walking the walk, fighting alongside a child fighting childhood cancer

Prudence Hall

I support the Mission is LCIF because I want to make an impact in improving health and well-being of all the children of our World!

Together We Restore & Protect Our Environment, Ferdy Coronel PMJF​

Ferdy Coronel​

When we donate to LCIF we make Lion Services possible across the globe with greater impact.

Prevención de la ceguera infantil.​

Angel Sosa Montalvo​

El Programa Lions KidSight México, realiza tramisaje visual a niños desde los 6 meses de edad, hasta los 12 años, con la finalidad de prevenir o limitar problemas visuales. El diagnóstico oportuno de problemas visuales como la ambliopia puede evitar serios daños en la salud visual de nuestros niños. Justos previniendo la ceguera infantil.

Volare Senza Limiti​

Quirino Fulceri​

Perchè credo che la nostra grande associazione possa cambiare il mondo.

"Serving the Youth, through serving community"​

Roberto Dagaas Jr

I support the mission of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) because it embodies a commitment to making a positive and lasting impact on communities worldwide. LCIF’s dedication to humanitarian services, disaster relief, vision care, and various global health initiatives demonstrates a deep and genuine desire to improve the lives of those in need. By mobilizing resources, fostering partnerships, and promoting sustainable solutions, LCIF plays a crucial role in addressing pressing global challenges and promoting the values of compassion, services, and community betterment, which are essential for building a more inclusive and compassionate world. 

Saving Lives means Changing Lives...

A.Roysten Fernando

I am sincerely inspired by the Impact and kindness it brings to the Country I love and to the school children within my community (306B2- Colombo Plaza LC) by providing Free Meals throughout the year in Sri Lanka with the help of LCIF, as the country’s progress was derailed by several events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of its economic crisis in 2022 – the worst in decades – which affected vast swathes of the population, particularly the poor and marginalized communities. An estimated 17 per cent of its 22 million population is food-insecure, indicating an improvement from 2022 when 28 per cent of households were noted as food-insecure. Nearly two-thirds of the population are adopting livelihood-based coping strategies, such as borrowing money or dipping into their hard-earned savings to feed their families. A quarter of the population is now estimated to live below the poverty line, which compromises their ability to access sufficient, nutritious food.

Families serving together, having fun

Mandy Hebben

Together we can help those in need.

Beach clean up with European Union staff

Edward Adzimah

LCIF puts actions to the talk of Lions.