Turkish Lions Stand with Ukraine

Leaving their homes behind in this difficult time, Ukrainian refugees are welcomed with open arms by Lions of Istanbul’s Asian Side. As declared by Ukrainian Solidarity Association and Ukrainian Consulate – the emergency needs of the refugees were food, clothing, drugs and medical supplies. Considering the wellbeing of children and elderly in the cold weather… Continue reading Turkish Lions Stand with Ukraine

Diabetes Video Awareness

Lions Club Kos organizes free blood sugar measurement in collaboration with the medical association of Kos Island Greece on the 12th of November at Konitsis Square Kos Town ( Kos Island-Greece) to raise awareness among our fellow citizens about diabetes.

Bulgaria against Diabetes

Diabetes is the chronic disease has reached the scale of a global epidemic – more than 360 million people suffer from it. Every 10 seconds, two people get sick with diabetes, and one person dies from this disease. It all started at the end of 2018, when Lions Martin Petrov, Radoslav Krumov, Emil Petrov and… Continue reading Bulgaria against Diabetes