Unified with Refugees – Unified in Service

Special Olympics and the Lions Clubs International Foundation team up in nations around the world to make social inclusion a reality for individuals with intellectual disabilities through the power of community service.

As part of this shared commitment, both organizations use the power of inclusive sports to break down barriers of exclusion and replace them with opportunity, engagement, and solidarity for those most on the margins of their communities. Recently, through a partnership effort to engage refugee youth with and without intellectual disabilities, together with ACNUR, the local government of Alcobendas and refugee reception centers in the area, Special Olympics and the Lions Clubs of Spain organized an inclusive sports day for Special Olympics Madrid athletes and a variety of refugee youth to Play Unified under the “Mission: Inclusion” partnership banner.

Special Olympics Spain was honored to welcome Lion Rafael Ordonez to the event, who supported the day’s activities and offered interviews as well.

“It is great to see the smiles on the faces of all of the participants, for indeed, this is what it is all about,” said Lion Rafael on the sidelines of the basketball venue. “The Lions Clubs of Spain looks forward to supporting this initiative through and through as we look to expand throughout Spain.”