Turkish Lions Stand with Ukraine

Leaving their homes behind in this difficult time, Ukrainian refugees are welcomed with open arms by Lions of Istanbul’s Asian Side.

As declared by Ukrainian Solidarity Association and Ukrainian Consulate – the emergency needs of the refugees were food, clothing, drugs and medical supplies. Considering the wellbeing of children and elderly in the cold weather of the season, Turkish Lions immediately started to collect items such as packaged food and woolen gloves with their own efforts. It was March 2022, right after the war started, and the need was greater than ever.

LCIF Emergency Grant magnified their service to hundred types of items including painkillers, heart medications, transfusion sets and surgical kits. Along with all of the emergency needs. In addition to answering the call directly, LCIF Emergency Grant’s impact prevented the spread of infectious diseases which might have affected hundreds of people.

The grant is endorsed by D118Y Public Health Chairperson Alp Çelikbilek and DG Inci Otman under the consultation of PID Hayri Ülgen.