The Century by Nicola Grassi

The District 108 TA2, in Italy, identified a slightly different service than usual that concerns the culture. It is a bit different from the services we are used-to, but it is important because it increases the cultural level of people and, through the culture, we raise funds.
The District organized an exhibition of ancient pictorial art titled “The Century of Nicola Grassi- 17th and 18th Century Venetian Paintings”. 77 works by the most representative 18th century Venetian painters, mostly unpublished, from public and private collections.
The District organized the event and engaged private and non-private Lions Clubs’ sponsors in a fundraising initiative as well as local institutions (city and region), and cultural associations.

All this, increased the knowledge of the Lions Brand and its core values. The goal was:
1) Offering a great cultural event
2) Promoting a significant initiative to value the local cultural heritage as well as the local artist.
3) Creating a LCI communication event
4) Raising funds for LCIF.
An important communication result was achieved through a dedicated website (, a Facebook page as well as the use of other social networks, web TV, YouTube, local and specialized press, local TV coverage (Rai 3).
Engagement of all Lions clubs in the district through group visits to the exhibition, purchase of catalogs as gifts for future club guests. This initiative is a good way to attract new members.
The result: A total of 58,500 USD raised for LCIF.
COVID-19 slowed down but don’t stop the result of this initiative.