Strengthening Umbilical Cord with Mother Nature

Life and Environment are entangled together in a common thread. When one plants a tree, one strengthens the bond with Mother Nature and this bond is just like the umbilical cord that helps us sustain. The dependence of human beings on the environment is explained in terms of the fulfilment of their various basic needs; however the most essential of it the Very essential Oxygen or Pranvayu. Survival of living beings without oxygen is impossible and the plants are the only source that yield this so precious oxygen naturally and help us in sustaining our life.

Our past year experience during pandemic has made us all realize the value of this indispensable gift of nature more seriously. The green cover over that protects the Mother Earth is receding day by day with the human activities and hence the efforts have to be more rigorous. ‘Save Environment’ has been the call of Lions all across the globe and through varied efforts, Lions have been working relentlessly for healing the Mother Earth. In India, environment has been an essential part of our culture as many of our life practices have been entwined around it, be it the celebration of festivals with harvesting of crops or worshipping trees for the longevity of our family members etc. Realizing the importance of this eternal bond with plants and trees, the Charter member of Lions Club Lucknow Intelligentsia, Lion G P Gupta kicked off the tradition of „Tree Plantation on Birthdays“ during 2010-11 and the other members have been upholding it piously since its inception and propagating it at all levels.

The project was conceived and started in 2011 by MJF Lion G P Gupta on his daughter Sakshi’s birthday (5 August) and the thought was promoted with a reflective thought “Maine apne Janamdin per Paudha lagaya, aur aapne?” (I have planted a tree on my birthday, Have you ?). The thought was able to connect to people and the tremendous response to this project motivated the other members too. The club has joined hands with various local partners such as Patanjali Yog Samiti, Awadh Jewellers Association, Smriti Vihar Resident Welfare Society to make the efforts more sustainable and enduring. The idea is to ensure the conservation of the plantations after planting by engaging the local residents who can look after them. It also raises awareness about plantation in nearby area.

Janamdin par paudhey lagayein, vatavaran ko shudh banayein, with this pious thought the club members planted saplings on various occasions during the past as well. Lion Dr Sunil K Yadav celebrated his birthday by planting medicinal plants, Lion Reaha, Lion Teena Jaiswal club members celebrated the commencement of the auspicious month of Saawan by planting Rudraksh saplings, Friendship Day, organizing exclusive day of plantations at home. Lion G P Gupta and all club members insist all to “Make Plantation, A Family Tradition” through their interactions at various forums besides raising awareness regarding preservation of water and its thoughtful usage. Lion D K Mody, the senior member of the club is devoting time post retirement to plant and nourish saplings and then these gifts of nature are shared with family and friends during special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries etc.).

When we make plants a part of our daily rituals, customs and understand that the harmony with ecosystem is an essential for our own very existence then we never ever think of harming our precious green heritage. Preserving this more than ten year old tradition, under the *Save Environment* initiative, LCL Intelligentsia is the only club in District 321 B1 that organized Mega Plantation this year with 258 saplings planted during *Plantation Drive* and 60 saplings donated to Vishal Green Smile Society- a local partner. The honourable District Governor, Lion B M Srivastava, MJF Lion Rehana Hoda, District Chairperson for Save Environment along with several district officers joined.