SOLAR ENERGY PROJECT (100 KW) Pakistan Sweet Home

The Islamabad Progressive Lions Club (IPLC) is an Environment Specialty Club. The IPLC installed a Solar Energy Project (100 KW) at Pakistan Sweet Home (PSH) Complex Islamabad. As Solar Energy is greatly renewable source of energy. It keeps environment clean and thereby reduces Pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity. It also reduces the demand of energy consumption from Grid station and also helps in reducing the electricity bill . • Due to shortage of electricity in Pakistan and huge Electricity bills (average amount PKR 200,000 – 250,000 per month) The Pakistan Sweet Home (PSH) was facing financial problems, therefore, they required a high power Solar Energy system to reduce their Electricity bills. • IPLC signed a Contract/Agreement with M/s Catkin (Pvt) Limited for the installation of Solar Energy Project (100 KW) at Pakistan Sweet Home. The expected cost of the Solar Energy Project (100 KW) was approximately 8,700,000., but due to the special discount from M/s Catkin specially for the sole purpose of the organization’s vision, it was cut to a final amount of PKR 7,500,000.00. The M/s Catkin (Pvt) Limited completed this mega project in a record time of 45 days. •The total funds for this Solar Project were arranged by IPLC. The major portion of funds were donated by the Pakistani Community of Seattle USA. Project Inauguration Ceremony •The Solar Energy Project (100 KW) was completed on August 25, 2021. The Project was inaugurated by Chief Guest DG Lion Dr. Raja Masood Ghani, PMJF on September 02, 2021 at Pakistan Sweet Home Complex Islamabad. • Following Lions leadership also attended the ceremony: • Guest of Honor IPDG/CVC Lion Arshad Mehmood, MJF • PCC Haji Asaf Ashraf, PDG Maj Muhammad Akram, PDG Salman Mansoor, PDG Dr. Zubair Hassan, PMJF, PDG Dr. Hassan Saroosh Akram, PDG Ishaque Dar, DCS Abdul Rehman Tahir, Members of District Cabinet, 305 N2, RC Engr. Faheem Iqbal, Zone Chairpersons and a large number of fellow lions of the Twin City region.