Restoring Dignity in Korea

After social welfare facility Angels Haven was closed in the Eunpyeong District of Seoul due to unsafe conditions, its residents, many with intellectual disabilities and severe handicaps, were forced to share small apartments with up to 14 men in each for more than four years. Some apartments were no larger than 50 square meters and with only one toilet. Lions in Korea saw a need to improve these dire circumstances, which led them to take action to restore the dignity of the 50+ men who previously called Angels Haven home and rely on such an environment to thrive. Supported by a US$100,000 LCIF grant, Lions of Korea partnered with Angels Haven, Seoul City, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Eunpyeong County to build a safe, clean, modern building equipped with private spaces and designed areas for exercise, treatment, and social gatherings. Now, these men are living with dignity in a safe community of which everyone can be proud.