Past Support Prepares Hospital

From 2014 to 2016, Sierra Leone battled the Ebola virus. Being one of the countries hardest-hit, they lost nearly 4,000 lives, including seven percent of their healthcare workers. Closed schools, shutdown businesses, and overrun hospitals are scenes all too familiar for local citizens. When news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) broke, hospital workers at Koidu Government Hospital in Sierra Leone were shaken, remembering the horrors Ebola brought upon their country. However, this time, they feel prepared. In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, with designated donations primarily from the Lions of Europe, LCIF donated US$244,068 to nonprofit organization, Partners in Health (PIH). With LCIF’s support, PIH was able to renovate the triage area at Koidu Government Hospital and build an emergency isolation building, essential for limiting contact and providing urgent medical care. In addition, LCIF’s support added an industrial incinerator and a laundry department, which allow dedicated staff to further control the spread of infection. The hospital’s Environmental Health Team (EHT) also received training, vital to the safety and functionality of the hospital, especially during infectious outbreaks.

LCIF’s support created a sustainable infrastructure for years to come. Koidu Government Hospital was ready to respond and provide the proper treatment for COVID-19 patients in their hospital.