New COVID-19 Triage Center

Even in a pandemic, Lions are finding ways to serve and LCIF is supporting them. In Paramaribo, Suriname, s’Lands Hospital was at full capacity. Its triage units did not have any more room for patients. In fact, they began to expand their dermatology unit to create more beds for patients with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Nurses and security guards stood at all the entrances of the hospital to take the temperature of every visitor. They desperately needed more space and a more efficient way of screening visitors. So, they reached out to a well-known service leader in their community, the Lions. Up for the challenge, but needing some financial assistance, Lions of District 60-A turned to LCIF, which awarded them US$10,000 for building a new triage area separate from the main hospital building.

The Triage Cabin is strictly for patients exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, helping to limit their contact with the rest of the hospital. With more than 1,200 visitors each day, s’Lands Hospital is bustling with patients of all kinds, including high-risk groups such as women who are pregnant. As the duration of COVID-19 is unknown and there is not a vaccine yet for prevention, this permanent Triage Cabin will be immensely helpful. Even post-pandemic, the triage center will continue to provide extra accommodations for patients and continue to limit contact with potentially contagious patients.