Morning Tea for Daily Wages Workers

While hundreds of people in the main city all over Gonda cued to get their work on the morning following the move into the COVID-19 response, members of Lions Club Gonda Seva District 321B1 set about giving thanks to the town’s daily workers.

As a gesture of gratitude, the members of Lions Club Gonda Seva District 321B1 were up early making morning tea for daily workers at Gonda Square and the hard-working volunteers from Lions Club Gonda Seva. For Lion Raj Kumar Jaiswal, the lifting of the lockdown provided an opportunity to give back to those who had been keeping the town going for the past so many years and show how much the community appreciated their commitment to them.

“Lions are a unique community; we have a number of people here who are just quiet achievers. After the lockdown it became important to us that we recognized all those that were really putting themselves at risk by working on daily wages, so a morning tea shout to those people seemed like the right thing to do.”

During the lockdown period, members of Lions Club Gonda Seva were kept busy attending courses and webinars and working on new social media platforms. The time away from their physical presence service activities also allowed them to revamp their websites and online courses.

Although they were pleased to now see some restrictions lifted, Lions members acknowledged the transition had been difficult. During restrictions 200 food packets were prepared daily and kept in District hospital for the attendant of the patients & staff of the hospital.

Despite this, Lions members assured administration, “we are keeping your safety as our priority with social distancing, great hygiene, and use of protective gear.
It’s really important we do keep spending, obviously within our capabilities, but that is how we will keep the city going. To date, with government support, we have managed to keep our city moving.”

“Where there is a need, there is a Lion.”