Maluk Timor Hospital in East Timor

Glenside Lions (District 201C1) donated $5,000 to the Maluk Timor Hospital in June. They are an Australian and Timorese NGO motivated to advance primary healthcare in Timor-Leste by a sense of kinship and solidarity with the Timorese people. They believe that no one deserves to die or suffer from diseases that have been all but eliminated in non-indigenous Australia; especially in Timor-Leste, which has overcome such a traumatic past.
Maluk Timor Hospital Project works inside government-run health centres, alongside Timorese health workers, and in close partnership with the Timorese Ministry of Health.
Their goal is to empower the Timorese to build a strong primary health care system that can tackle Timor’s greatest health challenges in an effective and sustainable way.
This is because they know that great quality community health care, led by Timorese people, will help put an end preventable death and disease and promote lifelong wellbeing in Timor-Leste, especially for vulnerable women and children.
Glenside Lions have supported the Timor Leste Dental Project in the past.