Lions shaking hands across all boarders!

Lions shaking hands across all boarders!

My name Mariusz Szeib. I am PDG from Poland. During the Global Peace Conference, in our last online meeting, PID Richard Stevenson and I discussed how to celebrate International Day of Peace (IDofP). For 10 years I have organized a Lion Charity Run. So far, we run about 7,500 km in 16 countries over 3 continents. We have collected about $300,000 for children in need all over the world. Every time we crossed the borders, with national flags and we would shake hands among us runners and people we meet. That was our inspiration to propose in celebration of IDofP.

We received strong support from our DG Jerzy Ciesiul and we invited Lions from Germany and Czechia. We met on 21st September in very special place in Sieniawka where 3 boarders meet, Poland, Germany and Czechia. This meeting represented 5 nations – including Lions from Australia and Estonia as well. Similarly, Lions from Lithuania and Austria were interested.

Lions from Lithuania and Poland, lead by PDG Kazimieras Rimeikis and ZCH Janusz Gierulski spent several hours on the Polish-Lithuanian border together. Additionally, PDG Karl Brewi from Austria arranged a meeting in Vienna with many Lions and leaders from Austria.

It is difficult to understand, that most of us would drive many hundreds of kilometers just to shake hand with Lion from other countries. To exchange hugs, to feel cordial spirit appearing among us. The same was felt on all boarders where Lions were meeting this day. If we are able to meet, to discuss, to shake hands across all boarders, we realize, that we are similar to each other, we all want the same – to live in peace, friendship, mutual understanding, according to motto of our organization, of Lions Clubs- We Serve. We serve others, we serve peace, as result we serve ourselves either.

We all have agreed- next year these meetings will be arranged on all boarders of Poland, Austria, Lithuania- totaling over 10 countries. We hope to positively inspire Lions around the world. It will be a great highlight of our motto – We Serve! Lions Serve others in need. Lions support peace all over the world too.

Lions shaking hands across all boarders!!!

PDG Mariusz Szeib
D 121 Poland