Lions Panchvati Food Bank: A Place for Hungry

Lions club Nashik Panchvati formed a food bank to serve the hungry. The bank was formed with mere 100 kg grains but with a vision to fight hunger. Initiated by then President Lion Dr. Neelima and supported and guidance by Past Governor Lion Dr. Vikrant Jadhav along with few Lions namely Lion Mahesh Soman, Lion Arun Amrutkar, Lion Smita Yande, Lion Nandesh Yande, Lion Sunil Deshpande, Lion Ramesh Choutalia, Lion Prashant Sonje, Lion Vinod Patil, Lion Haribhau Tile and Club members behind. Twist in collection started with donating food grains on occasion of marriage where Indian culture bestow on couple during religious ceremony of marriage .Club started appealing to people to avoid bestowing grains which are wasted and bestow flower petals which has good significance and instead donate food grain to Club which will help the hungry. This appeal was the turning point which triggered mind and the first donation of 25o kgs grain came to club. To date, the club has donated more than 5000 kgs food grain to people, and organizations who work for the needy. The food grains are collected and distributed to waiting list. The organization where to be given is thoroughly checked, its activities are seen and then the food grains are donated. This food bank has impacted on donors who donate premade food on their occassions like birthdays and anniversaries. Then the premade food is given to the organization where food is needed, focusing on girls and women who are the beneficiary. Club received premade food donation wishes more than 10 times in a month. The food bank is heading for storage compound where food grains can be kept. Club has been performing various acts for donations, like pamphlet distribution, WhatsApp, flyers. Newspapers have been helping us a lot by releasing news of food donation which has made impact on donations. Clubs are totally involved in the activity and Panchvati Food Bank is becoming popular taking Lions International name to heights.

Now many has been in support that if food is to be given It should be to Lions Club Nashik Panchvati.