Lions Oxygen Garden of Camphor Basil, Tulsi

Covid Era has been a challenge for all, health, medicines, food and immunity. Lions Club Nashik Panchvati Past Governor Dr. Vikrant Jadhav came up with study idea of creating Oxygen Garden by Lions Clubs. The theme is to absorb breathe more oxygen to help give stronger immunity to lungs so as they can fight against bacteria, viruses and above all get less affected by infection. Oxygen has been the need of world and the battle continues. There are few trees as per the Indian ancient system of medicine and at same time scientifically proved by science some plants emits more Oxygen than normal plants. These plants are planted as Holy Tree in India and few countries, the culture custom behind planting the plant in the front door is to have the vicinity of the plant so they can bestow healthy oxygen blessings to human who is in vicinity with the plant for few time. The plant camphor Basil is known to be a medicinal value plant for lung function, efficacy, and fight against infections of lungs. Other plants as Neem, Pimpal, Ashoka, Saptparni, and Arjuna have medicinal value for heart, lungs, and immunity. 300 plants were planted and have sitting places for persons in between so oxygen generated by plants can be useful to people around it. President Lion Nandesh Yande, Lion Smita Yande, Treasurer Kranti Bedse, Lion Seema Sonje, Sumedh Sonje, senior Lion Arun Amrutkar, Lion Sunilji Deshpande, Lion Ramesh Choutaliya, Lion Jyoti Choutaliya, Past President Lion Dr. Neelima Jadhav, and Lion Ritu Choudhary played a major role in this creation along with support of all club members. This is a unique project which has been appreciated by all city people praising Lions clubs at par. It’s known as Lions Oxygen Garden. Above all leading Newspaper Divya BHaskar Group Divya Marathi is part of it for support of plants and their Campaign Ek Ped Ek Jindagi ie One Plant One Life. Editor Jayprakashji Pawar personally came for the plantations guiding us all the way supported by Divya Team Sachin and others who are helping to raise the first ever Divya Lions Oxygen Garden in state. The project was attended by popular social personalities Mr. Balasaheb Ahirrao and Mr. Anil Kshatriy who appreciated our Lions club for the project on occasion.