Lions KidSight USA Project SEE CLEARLY 2021

The COVID pandemic has created many challenges for everyone. Foremost among these is that our children were doing more and more remote learning. One hidden, potential consequence of our children not attending school in person is that early childhood vision health screenings were postponed for millions of children. An estimated 25 million children have now gone for almost two full years without a simple, yet potentially life-changing, vision screening. Additionally, the switch to remote education over “tiny screens” may have caused a surge of children with correctable myopia, which has spiked to affect nearly half of ALL children in recent studies. Lions KidSight USA seeks to clear the national backlog of children who are way overdue for their next vision screening, and to improve the eyesight of at least 100,000* young children between August 15th and December 31, 2021 to put the vision health of our children back on track. Download the “EVENT & MEDIA PACKET” containing many documents to assist you in planning your upcoming children’s vision screening events. Items include: sample forms, press releases, event planning outlines, Lions KidSight logos and many more exciting resources are available for you here: (You do not need a Google account to download the packet.)

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