Leo Service Grant goes to Sounds of Anatolia!

In March-June 2022, Leos and Lions of Istanbul’s Asian Side set up a music classroom in Yunus Emre Secondary School located in Çaycuma county of Zonguldak city.

Atalar Leo Club and Üsküdar Lions Club turned a neglected room used for storage into a colorful classroom with the best beats. The requirements of the room were identified as guitar, drums, rhythm instruments and other musical instruments by the consensus of the headmaster, music teacher and the students.

Leos designed three wallpaper options for the classroom. And let the students put the designs up to the vote. Later, the chairs of the room were selected in line with the winning wallpaper. Even the door plaque was designed having the students in mind. Now that’s harmony!

In addition to the 120 students of the school, 285 students of three neighboring schools without music classrooms will enjoy the melody in Yunus Emre Secondary School. The next plan of the school administration is to have weekend music courses for the local community.

Sound of Anatolia seems to be destined to receive LCIF Leo Service Grant, since the project leader Leo Arya Caferi’s name means “aria”. The grant application is endorsed by D118Y Leo District President Hilal Dursuner and District Governor Inci Otman while the project is fully embraced by Atalar Leo Club President Selin Turhan, Üsküdar Lions Club President Sibel Çınar and D LCIF Coordinator Ayla Zübeyde Taşaner.