Leo of the Year 2020-2021 (Philippines)

MICHELLE Q. DUCUSIN, February 18, 1991, Female

I grew up in a humble home in Cavite City, a province south of Manila, Philippines. Along with friends in the city, I was invited to join the Tres Islas de Filipinas, a youth organization with the purpose of conducting outreach programs and community projects called “Linis Barangay” (Clean-up Drive).

After a while, this organization became inactive, so we decided to create the 3IDF Texters Club with around 60 young individuals that communicate by SMS. We had exciting meet-ups, fellowship activities and community service every Saturdays.

In one of our fundraising activity, we met with Lion Jose Abellar and his wife Lion President Cynthia Abellar (carolling video). He encouraged us to form a LEO CLUB under his supervision as Leo Club Advisor for Cavite City Lions Club. We accepted the challenge and formed the 3IDF Leo Club in February 28, 2011.

I learned on the process that Leos are mostly children of Lions. But in my case, we are a group of outgoing, hardworking and enthusiastic young individuals who believe in the ideals of Leonism.

At the age of 20, I was appointed Charter Treasurer of the Club. I held the position for 7 more years since I handled the finances of the Leo Club very well. Eventually, the opportunity came up for me to lead as the newly elected Leo Club President for 2 terms in 2019-2021.

During my term as president, I am proud to have completed 5 global causes by accomplishing the following activities.

(HUNGER LOGO) “Spreading Hope in the Midst of Pandemic” which is a series of humanitarian service focused on relieving the hunger using our signature project “MEALS on WHEELS”.

(DIABETES LOGO) That during Diabetes Awareness month, my club prepared leaflets and distributed them to each barangays in Cavite City.

(PEDIATRIC CANCER) Pediatric Awareness through leaflet distribution in Bagong Pook Cavite City.

(VISION LOGO) We collected around 500 used eyeglasses that we will eventually donate to the EYE BANK program.

(ENVIRONMENT) The Leos conducted the Bakawan Tree Planting where we planted 400 mangrove and api-api seedlings in Noveleta Cavite.

I also made sure that during Membership Growth Month, my club will gain 12 new members with 4 of which I personally recruited. (Membership Growth Award – screenshot)

With all my efforts for the club, I am thankful that I was recognized and awarded the Leo Club President Achievement Award during my 2-year term. (2019-2021 screenshot). I also received the prestigious Leo of the Year award this 2021.

I am an adventurous but very disciplined person. I recently finished my Civilian Human Resource Basic Training Course at the top my class. I see myself achieving greater heights and the LEO journey has given me confidence to do so. I am deeply grateful for a decade of memorable experience and for giving me a sense of purpose in life.

As part of my commitment to the organization, I accepted the invitation to become a Leo-Lion on the 50th Anniversary of Cavite City Lions Club. I hope you become a Leo-Lion too. And together, we can continue to serve from the heart.