Launched Lions Childhood Cancer Hope Initiative

The word “cancer” becomes a part of everyday life for the families. While some parts of the world advances in treatment have been able to save many of these children, “childhood cancer” is still something that strikes fear into everyone’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. With awareness, there is hope, so let us try our best spread the word. Unfortunately, Somalia children do not survive due to lack of knowledge to community as the country has been civil since in last two decades but now recovering . To give kids a better chance, Lions Childhood Cancer Hope Initiative for Somalia has launched for the first time.

In this regards, Lion Childhood Cancer Hope initiative for Somalia was introduced by Lion Yasir, a former young diplomat of AU and member of Lions Clubs International and Leadership of Lions clubs of Somalia.

This project will really be an image building project for Lions Clubs Provincial zone for participating & help in spreading awareness focusing on different global service areas of Lions Club International.

About our Upcoming topics:
In the upcoming months of September & October, we will organize session on Cataract (Global Service Area Vision) respectively. We look forward for your esteemed presence.