Kindling Light in Darkness: A ray of hope

In words of a famous psychologist, Carl Jung, ”As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” With such a vision in mind Lions Club Kashipur Greater District 321 B1 organized an eye screening, cataract correction and medicine distribution camp in Kashipur Uttarakhand. The camp witnessed massive participation of about 390 needy individuals both male and female, young and elderly from the city as well as the neighboring areas. The camp screened the participants for various eye problems including diagnosis of cataract among 47 persons. The visitors were provided the necessary medicines as per the prescription of city’s renowned Dr Kamesh Rana who performed the cataract surgeries as well.
Kamla Devi, aged around 70 years was one of these lucky participants who was brought to the camp by her lady neighbor. She had lost all hopes of restoring her vision as her son hardly cared for her and she had no money for the requisite treatment. Last few years had been very gloomy for her. When the doctors in the camp affirmed that her vision will be restored after surgery and the entire treatment and the medicines would be provided free of cost she got ecstatic. The surgery was performed late night and as the bandage was removed the next afternoon, it was a moment of lifetime for her and her friend. They both were so delighted that their eyes got teary and they hugged each other for a second. Kamla Devi blessed Lion Apoorva Mehrotra. Lions Club Kashipur Greater indefinite number of times to have organized such a beneficial camp for the needy people like her. Seeing her so happy the entire team felt overwhelmed and thanked God to be a part of such a magnificent and benevolent organization, The International Association of Lions Clubs.
Lion Puneet Sharma President Lions Club Kashipur Greater District 321B1