Isolated, But Never Alone

It can be tough moving to a retirement home. There are new surroundings to learn, routines to create, roommates to meet, and adjusting to living apart from family. It is a new reality that can make residents feel lonely as they adjust. It can be even more difficult when illness requires isolation from visitors. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many retirement homes have ended visiting hours for family and friends, and in some cases, with an indefinite timeline. The new safety procedures are designed to protect the most vulnerable from COVID-19 but can come with a mental toll on residents who have been separated from their families for months.

Understanding the stress and heartbreak this is causing their communities, Lions of France acted quickly; they acquired grant funding from LCIF and went to work. Using a US$5,000 District and Club Community Impact grant (DCG), Lions purchased 273 tablets and delivered them to 106 retirement homes for residents to borrow. More than 8,000 residents were overjoyed when they found out they would be able to talk to, and virtually see, their children, grandchildren, and friends again.