Health awareness campaign

Happiness is when you bring a smile to other faces and they feel it!
I have received the opportunity to serve as president of Lions club of Dhaka Shamoli for 2022-23. Based on our DG’s call “we serve our community” we organized a health & eye checkup campaign in our IT community.

I have seen some young people whom I knew in this industry, died from stroke & heart attack at very early age. Death is certain but we should be careful.
Which is why we wanted to make youth more aware about health.

Our club arranged an eye and health checkup program for one of a largest IT companies for almost 600 employees from Lions Club Dhaka Shamoli.

We got one patient who has pterygium disease in his eye. He was suggested surgery one year back but he couldn’t make it because of financial issues. Lions Club Dhaka Shamoli financially supported the successful surgery. He was so happy and cried with joy. It was a touching moment!

This is the success of being a Lions member.

I want to thank all the members of Lions Club Dhaka Shamoli especially our GAT area leader Lion Nazmul Haque for all the assistance.