Funds For A Surgery

Sialkot Women Lions Club, present in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan, had received a case of leg surgery, for a guy aged 34 years, who had a car accident few years back. He required surgery for one of his legs and was short on amount, as in the previous years he underwent numerous operations, as both his arms and legs were damaged in the mishap. Our wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery as he is the only earner of the house.

Very thankful to our family members, our Lion club members and our anonymous contributors for the collection of cash in just 2 days. May Allah reward everyone for this kind gesture.

Project Title: Helping Collect Funds
Lions Participated: 12
No of people served: 1
Funds Collected: 1,25,000

Club President: Lion Saira Yassar
Club Secretary: Lion Ansa Sheraz
Club Treasurer: Lion Saima Ishtiaq
Club Membership Chairperson: Lion Tayaba Waseem