Free Covid-19 Vaccination to Senior Citizens and Villagers

Covid-19 for a large country like India has been a nightmare, especially when it comes to making the Vaccination available to all. The people who could afford it, managed it well thru their contacts, but what about the Adivasis, the rural villagers, the senior inmates at Old Age Homes etc. who could not afford the cost of Rs.750/- ($10). To make this available for thousands was a mammoth task & looked impossible.
Bhopoli, Vikramgadh in Maharashtra, India is an area with about 65 villages around with over 25000 villagers and the entire area is full of Adivasis and needy farmers, who have faced disruption in their livelihoods due to Covid-19.
It was important for these villagers to get vaccinated, as they were the neglected lot and the issue for many of them being daily migrants, was to get vaccinated. They did not have funds to pay for the vaccination & hence, Lion Chetan SHAH, Leo District Advisor of 3231 A3 collaborated with Dr. ML Dhawale Homeopathy Hospital, Palghar in Maharashtra, India and requested them to help these villagers by using their infrastructure and to reach the interiors where it would have not been possible for all to reach.
Funds were committed by a noble soul, Mr. Puneet Bhirani for 2000 free vaccinations ($20000/-).
Dr. Kapse & Dr Goda of MLD Hospital got into action and managed to get the vaccinations and the free camp began on August 01, 2021 to vaccinate 2000 beneficiaries.
The camp is in a rural place (BHOPOLI) which has challenges like loss of electricity, lack of infrastructure and more over the apprehensions amongst the villagers of getting vaccinated due to myths of death & impotency, etc. MLD hospital & their paramedics along with the Leos of District 3231 A3 have been daily visiting the camp and also travelling along with the medical staff in the interiors in ambulances to convince and vaccinate the rural villagers.
A tough job, indeed.
As we write, we have completed vaccination for approximately 1265 vaccinations.
Lion Chetan SHAH (Leo District Advisor) has been the main project coordinator supported by Leo Lion Rahul Narula (District President) & Leo Dr Manan Parmar (Leo District GST Chairman).
Mr. Sanjay Phadke has been the catalyst to find the donor Mr. Puneet Bhirani, who funded the full project by raising funds from his family & friends.
The project was conceived by Dr. Anand Kapse, Dean, Dr. M L Dhawale Hospital, Palghar & Dr. Chandrashekhar Goda, in charge of Bhopoli Camp, Vikramgadh, Maharashtra.
Lastly, if we succeed in this camp, we may make an attempt to raise funds for another 20,000 people to get vaccinated.