Forest fires

August… summertime… high temperatures… vacation period… The Lions from LC Saint Panteleimon had no activities planned for the month… at least we thought so. However, nature can be unpredictable. Maleshevo, a region in North Macedonia full of pine and oak woods suddenly became a burning inferno. The high fire flames did not allow extinguishing from the air and the whole burden fell on firefighters’ shoulders i.e. arms. Our family vacations took a different turn. This was the moment for us to help and show that WE SERVE OUR COMMUNITY. We immediately connected with each other, but also with the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia. The Red Cross informed us what the firefighters and the local population needed to fight the fires. Our members are on the spot. In a single day, with the donations from three clubs LC St Panteleimon, LC Alpha and LC Svetlina we bought packages with one thousand croissants (which can endure high temperatures without spoiling) and 500 litres of milk (necessary for cleansing of lungs). Thus we gave our contribution and support to the firefighters from Macedonia and also to those who immediately arrived from Slovenia, Austria, Romania sacrificing their lives to help.
Finally, the fire was extinguished. The wonderful woods in Maleshevo region resemble a burnt match. The damages were unprecedented. The lungs of our lovely homeland have been burnt. But we strongly believe in revival and restoration of the nature.
To help revive the forests, we started organizing an action for afforestation of the region and placing warning signs for fire hazards. All Lions united together for greener Macedonia!