Ergonomic Sanitation for 70 Elders at Senior Home

Lions Club of Nasik Star stood for the elderly at Vatsalya Old Age Home, Nasik, India. By converting 21 bathrooms which were of conservative design, making it difficult for elderly people to use them in a user-friendly manner.
The old commodes were replaced by 21 new commodes, taps and flushes. All plumbing works including pipes sinks basins of 21 bathrooms were restructured and replaced such that the elderly with disabilities and limitation of movements, are able to use it in a friendly and ergonomic way.
The entire project cost was Rs. 2,15,000
This was inaugurated at the hands of worthy District Governor of District 3234 D2, MJF Lion Hemant Naik, Zone chairperson, and Lion Dr. Nupura Amit Prabhu also graced the occasion
The project was executed under the leadership of President Lion Sarika Kalantri. The stellar role in execution of the project was essayed by Lion Santosh Kalantri. All members of Lions Club of Nasik Star supported the project wholeheartedly.