Equipment for Diabetic Centers in Remote Greek

Equipment and Providing necessary equipment and expendables for National Diabetic Centers in Remote Greek Islands of Lipsi, Patmos, kastelorizo, Nisiros and Kos
About 1,000 people have been benefited so far, locals and tourists, as it has been recorded by the clinics that have been created. Another 500 people have indirectly benefited as members of the families involved were encouraged to visit the clinics. Fortunalely everything has run smoothly. The Lions Clubs involved will continue monitoring the Clinics and their wellbeing and they will provide them with the necessary expendables. 40 Lions have planned the project, have found the appropriate materials for the renovations and the appropriate equipment for the clinics, have monitored the procedure, have reported the outcome of the operation of the clinics, have advertised the project and they will continue monitoring and reporting the project.