Earth made for all being not just human beings

“All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain”
By Maura Cummings

The earth has a delicate ecosystem. It’s balance depends on an interlinked cycle of various activities. The environment comprises of living and non-living things. Various types of animals and plants including human, aquatic life, micro-organism are interdependent on each other. Therefore if the animals were killed, it would disturb the whole food chain and the balance in the environment.
There is a need to protect our environment by adopting an approach for development and lifestyle which are compatible with the nature. The earth will lose its soul without animals. Be kind to animals or stop calling yourself humane. Animals should only be shot with cameras, not with guns. Killing animals that are beautiful and strong for their head, bones, or fur is very wrong. Fight for animals right, bring a friend to your home, adopt from shelter more. The fancy jackets that you wear aren’t worth the life of some innocent animals. Quit buying fur and leather, but a ban to it.

The world is there home as well save the unsafe. The life cycle of every specie is intertwined. Today you’re hunting them, tomorrow they will haunt you. The lives in the wild are nature’s gift to us. Save it for the world to cherish, or leave it to perish. Researches have proved that animals experience the same range of emotions as we human do. On the occasion of word snake day; 16th July 2021, under the flagship program CARE FOR ANIMALS our District Governor Lion Brajesh M Srivastava (DISTRICT 321 B1), our club LCL Oudh(36261) has adopted a python snake at Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Zoological Gardens,(Lucknow zoo) for six month. One world. One life. One animal saved at a time. Many of the district dignitaries were present there and graced the activity and appreciated it. I know, many of you have the question why snakes?

Snake is a misunderstood creature, let’s save this ecological treasure. Snakes tend to have a negative connotation a lot of people are scared of snakes. Snakes are highly effective predators and play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. World Snake Day was created to help people learn more about these animals and how much they contribute to the nature and world.
Snakes consume many different animals including insects small rodents and frog. Snakes eat their prey whole, they keep the pest population down by feeding that damages crop and carry disease.
Snakes have tremendous symbolic value to culture from across the globe. Their habit of shedding their skin makes them potent symbols of rebirth transformation healing and fertility.
Treating all animals with dignity, respect and care is an essential part of a spiritual life style. “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal”. – Joaquin Phoenix .
“Don’t treat animals are animals treat them as living beings that’s what they are.”

Motivated by activity of our club, LC Lucknow Pratistha also adopted a barking deer of Lucknow Zoo for a period of six months. This activity not only helped the snake get his food but also many employees of the Zoo who get salaries / wages from the donations the Zoo receives. This display of adoption by our club also motivated and will continue motivating others who visit zoo to join Lions Clubs and people will come to know about our association doing such noble deeds. It was a unique activity. This shall foster a feeling of compassion and empathy among the people towards the less fortunate and also motivate people to join Lions Club to serve the community. People were made aware and will inspire visitors to sponsor/ adapt. We will be able to engage communities, groups and organisations are able to work together which will facilitate wider benefits over time .An advantage is that more community members and groups may be able to participate directly in the action.