District 3233C Organised Flood Relief Camp

(Grant amount 10000 US Dollar)
District Governor MJF Lion Dilip Bhandari organized a flood relief camp at Sausar village under Chhindwara district with the grant amount given by LCIF. Because of this terrible flood, this Grant was needed. About 24 villages were affected due to floods in Amba Ghat and Jam river in village Sausar, Peepla and Narayan War village under the area of Lions Club District 3233C. In which majorly, Koprawadi, Singhpur, Ghogharikhapa, Pandurna, Junnardev, Parasia, Chandameta, Pipla, and Narayan villages were greatly affected, the connectivity of about 22 villages was lost, in which more than 10,000 people have been affected.

In the grant project, about 800 to 1000 families were helped in relief camps by going to Sausar & Pipla village under Chhindwara district, People were forced to live in relief camps. At camp day lunch was also provided to all the people, whose Facebook video link is given below.
Facebook link👇

About 8000 people directly benefitted by the grant project. Help reached 1500 families and It was calculated from 1500 families living in relief camps, there were about 5-6 member in each family. The number of people indirectly benefited from the grant project is 10000 , It was calculated from 1600 families living in relief camps.

The Facebook video link of the directly present beneficiaries is given below in which the lions club was praised by the senior people.
Facebook link: 👇

There were no any challenges Lions faced in implementing the grant project. All the 50 Lion members of Lions Club Chhindwara and Lions Club
Chhindwara Greater, District Cabinet Secretary Service Lion Nitin Saluja, Cabinet Secretary Administrative Lion Vijay Agrawal, Cabinet Treasurer Lion Ashok Agrawal involved in implementing the grant project played their part and introduced themselves as Lions.
Facebook link of lions members involved in the Flood Disaster project ae given below
Facebook link

The Project has provided a long term impact, about one month food arrangement was done through the grant and this grant project work created the image of lions club and new members are likely to grow in future.