Diabetes Check Mate by Check Up!!

Diabetes is not a disease but a medical disorder that has been the trouble of world. Only way to arrest the disease is to checkmate by regular check ups so timely detection can stop the speed of raising diabetic patients in the world. Lions International is putting efforts through clinics and various projects motivating clubs for check up camps, retinal disorder and many more. Past Governor Dr. Vikrant Jadhav on behalf of Lions Club Nashik Panchvati has been with the path of regular check up camps through the city along with permanent diabetic clinic in his name. Diabetic check up camps if taken regularly by all clubs Lions International will be the name behind the stoppage of raising diabetes all through 14,000 clubs. One camp a month we cannot imagine how many people can be diagnosed how many people can be strategically kept in arresting diabetes. Camp of Diabetes Check on Joggers track is the best venue for camps as they are health conscious and come ahead for health along with helping Lions clubs, donating Lions clubs for their social services. Club took instant diabetes check up camp at Indiara Nagar Joggers Park, headed by Lion Bharat Yeola and Lion Balasaheb Jadhav who initiated and brought Lions camp in people of area. 186 people were checked and 34 were detected with 18 non-controlled diabetes. People praised Lions Club Nashik Panchvati for this activity. Dabur, India, a giant in medicine, supported the camp Manager Hitesh Gawli and Rm Dinesh Verma along with Sanjay Bhatt sponsored the kits which is to be learned for arranging camps. The medicinal companies are ready and clubs should approach them to sponsor camps. Lion Arun Amrutkar and Lion Vinod Patil were lions who motivated people for check up awareness was also done at same time. We have intentionally posted the activity so many lions club can read and follow the steps or can contact us.