Decoding Lifelines with Leo Lion Dr. Agrawal

“Childhood Cancer” is still something that strikes fear into everyone’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. With awareness, there is hope, so let us try our best spread the word.

As the second episode of our signature project “Decoding Lifelines with Leo Lion Dr. Agrawal”, our Charter as well as Immediate Past President Leo Lion Dr. Shuvam Kumar Agrawal interviewed Dr. Jyoti Agrawal on “Childhood Cancer” which is one of the Global Service Areas of LCI, to acquire in-depth understanding about what causes cancer in children, what are the symptoms, followed by a detailed guide on how one can start journey back to health & most importantly, acquire tools & current information to help navigate this challenging time.

We also organized zoom session on Childhood Cancer on 31st August. Past International President Lion Mahendra Amarasuriya Sir graced the session as Chief Guest & GAT AREA 5 Leader Lion George Ong-Tan as Guest of Honor with participants were Leos & Lions from different parts of the world.

As a whole, we had viewers & participants from more than 50 nations of the world.

Remember cancer doesn’t care, so you have to!

About Our Interviewee:
Under our project “Decoding Lifelines with Leo Lion Dr. Agrawal”, we had interview as well as zoom webinar sessions on “Childhood Cancer” featuring Dr. Jyoti Agrawal Ma’am who is Associate Professor, Unit I Incharge and Ex-Head of Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences & has presented about Childhood Cancer in various prestigious national & international platforms.

About Our Interviewer:
Leo Lion Dr. Shuvam Kumar Agrawal is from District 325 A1, MD 325 Nepal, CA 6. He is a Bachelor’s Graduate from Lions University USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum who hosts as well as moderates “Decoding Lifelines with Leo Lion Dr. Agrawal”. Currently he is District 325 A1 Health Camp and Awareness Chairperson. He has also served as Charter President LY 19/20 as well as President LY 20/21 of Lions Club of Dharan Ghopa United & Charter Secretary LY 18/19 as well as Secretary LY 19/20 of Leo Club of Dharan Ghopa United.

About Our Project:
This project “Decoding Lifelines with Leo Lion Dr. Agrawal” was conceived & initiated by Leo Lion Dr. Shuvam Kumar Agrawal and now is a Team work as well as a signature project of 19 Lions clubs from 9 different countries which includes NEPAL (LC Dharan Ghopa United, LC Kathmandu Rays, LC Kathmandu Radiance, LC Butwal Central); INDIA (LC Dowlaiswaram, LC Hyderabad Gangotri, LC Lucknow Eklavya, LC Lucknow Century, LC Kolkata Classic, LC Mumbai Silver Oak, LC Umra, LC Surat); PHILIPPINES (Marikina City LC); SRI LANKA (LC Nallur); NIGERIA (Abuja Municipal Centennial LC); ZIMBABWE (Greater Harare LC); BOTSWANA (LC Molepolole); SURINAME (LC Parwani) & GHANA (Accra Hills LC).

Under this project, we interview a specialist focusing on one of the Global Service areas of Lions Clubs international & publish it every month & at the end of the month, we organize an interactive zoom session with the same resource faculty which includes presentation by the expert as well as question & answer session. So, basically we have one interview & one zoom session with the expert resource person monthly.

Both interviews as well as zoom sessions run in English that are shared to various platforms across the globe benefitting huge number of people worldwide.

This project will really be an image building project for Lions Club International as well as all clubs, Districts and Multiple Districts participating & help in spreading awareness focusing on different global service areas of Lions Club International.

About Our Upcoming Sessions:
In the upcoming months of September & October, we will organize sessions on Hunger & Nutrition & Cataract (Global Service Area Vision) respectively. The details will be available at our club page. We look forward for your esteemed presence.