Clean Water for Drinking

We the members of Lions Club Lucknow Anind Prakash District 321B1 regularly visiting Artificial Limb Center Orthopedic Department of Kung Georg’s Medical University, Nabiullah Road, Daliganj Lucknow to help physically disabled people. Lion A. K Singh Past District Governor was also with us during one of the visit. Suddenly we saw a huge crowd with bottles in their hand. We got curious to know what is the matter with these people and why they have crowded near the stairs of the first floor. When we enquired from the staff, we got to know from the staff that OPD runs from 9 AM to 4 PM, and patients and their relatives struggle a lot for drinking water since there is no water available for these people. Looking at the situation that day we decided that we should meet Head of the Department Dr. A. K. Gupta regarding this matter. During our meeting, Head of the Department told us that more than 2000 people visit the OPD on a regular basis. We don’t have enough resources to cater the needs of these people. He said that he will meet Vice-Chancellor regarding this issue and will inform us what can be done regarding this issue.

One week later he called and asked us to if we can help them with the Water Purifier with cooler and Club members happily agreed to sponsor the Water Purifier with cooler & installed in the premises of the Department. Today more than 2000 people gets benefited from the water cooler on a daily basis.

Hepatitis E spreads through contaminated water and how each year it infects millions of people across the globe and leaves a lot of people with lifelong problems related to the stomach and liver.
Another project for Clean water starts at GSM public school Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. In the school drinking water was not clean found During one of the service activity at the school . So Club decided to have a meeting with the Principal and proposed the plan of installing a Water Purifier in the school so that all the students and staff can have access to clean Purified water. We proposed the plan in our Board of Directors meeting and the proposal was accepted by all the members of the meeting. We installed the water purifier in the school. This water purifier was inaugurated by District Governor Lion Brajesh Mohan Srivastava , 1st VDG Lion Bishwnath Chowdhary and Lion A. K. Singh (PDG) & member of Lions Club Lucknow Anind Prakash. 800 students get benefited on a daily basis due to this activity.