Child Patients Travel First Class in Istanbul!

Lions of Istanbul’s Asian Side proudly delivered an LCIF granted Leukemia Patients Transporter to Laughing Heals Association with a signature ceremony in June 2022.

The transporter, specially hygienize for leukemia, serves each child during the treatment for three years. Children are taken from their homes and brought to the hospital for their pre-chemo tests followed by the chemotherapy. Then, the transporter takes them to one of the Hygienic Game Centers of the Association to continue the day in a positive mood. When the day is over, the transporter takes the children back to their homes safely.

Leukemia Patient Transporter, planned to be used for ten years, provides the children an alternative way from public transportation and public parks which might negatively affect their treatment. Thankfully, LCIF Grant is also used for playroom furnishing where the children enjoy their evenings.

The project is planned and implemented by the strong partnership of Ahenk Lions Club and Kuzguncuk Lions Club. Ahenk Lions Club’s president Osman Nizamoğlu, Kuzguncuk Lions Club’s president Kemal Akın, D118Y LCIF Coordinator Ayla Zübeyde Taşaner and DG Inci Otman participated to the signature ceremony.