A Lions Emergency Response Team (ALERT) Project

A Disaster Relief grant from LCIF funded the purchase of a 6X12 foot enclosed trailer, emergency supplies such as snacks, beverages, and tools for cleanup and repairs in the event of a declared emergency/disaster in the state of South Carolina.
In addition, the team has held Emergency Preparedness Workshops at Lions Club meetings, community meetings, independent living facilities. The trailer has been on display at festivals and events where Emergency Preparedness Checklist are distributed.
The positive response to the organization of the ALERT Team, purchase of and equipping the trailer, and the workshops have been overwhelming throughout District 32-S, the Multiple District 32, and the various communities.
There are eight volunteer committee members who live throughout the District. In case of an emergency or disaster, the trailer will be deployed the area. There are several Lions Clubhouses in the District that have agreed to be utilized as Command Centers an shelters.
A county Emergency Manager has asked that we partner with them to provide services in case of an emergency in that county.