300-C1區 自治獅子會捐助惠明盲校大禮堂地磚社會服務

The service of Huiming School for the Blind is 24 hours a day. Depending on the seriousness of the students with multiple disabilities, small class teaching and education are required in terms of study and life. The manpower and financial resources required are larger than those of ordinary students, and the adoption fee is beneficial. Clearly a more fixed source of income, one adopter adopts a monthly adoption fee of 500 yuan per school child, but the current income of 4,000 to 5,000 adopters is not enough to cover expenses. Huiming School for the Blind Auditorium Floor Tiles Renovation and Improvement Project» social service.
The Guangming Building of Huiming School for the Blind has been in use since September 1999. The auditorium serves as the daily morning room for students.
The main place of worship and activities, since the use of plastic floor tiles in the past 20 years, the fallen off
Falling off, damaged damage, high frequency of daily use by teachers and students, plus daily mopping and cleaning, resulting in
The plastic floor tiles are worn and damaged, and the damaged floor is easy to cause visually impaired students to move

Tripping and restrictions on movement, so this year, a renovation plan for the floor tiles of the auditorium is proposed.
In order to improve the daily use environment of teachers and students.