Saúde mental para todos

Servir dignifica o ser humano! A satisfação de poder contribuir com causas humanitárias em nossas comunidades, faz com que cada Leão se orgulhe de pertencer à essa magnífica Instituição, LIONS, que faz o bem a muitas pessoas necessitadas no mundo todo. Na pequena comunidade de Nonoai, no Rio Grande do Sul/Brasil, o presidente do Lions… Continue reading Saúde mental para todos

Turkish Lions Stand with Ukraine

Leaving their homes behind in this difficult time, Ukrainian refugees are welcomed with open arms by Lions of Istanbul’s Asian Side. As declared by Ukrainian Solidarity Association and Ukrainian Consulate – the emergency needs of the refugees were food, clothing, drugs and medical supplies. Considering the wellbeing of children and elderly in the cold weather… Continue reading Turkish Lions Stand with Ukraine

Sewing Machine Distribution

With the aim of creating self-employment, Lions Club of Dhaka Shamoli distributed sewing machines among 18 families in need. It will help them to increase their household income. It was so emotional moment for them and us!! That program is the result of the tireless efforts of the last two months to find the right… Continue reading Sewing Machine Distribution

Proud LEO

The Largest Leo Club in Bangladesh The Leo Club of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, is a place where you can find both self-improvement and self-satisfaction. Leadership, experience, opportunity. » These three combine to form an ideal Leo. We do service programs for self-satisfaction and we do various kinds of workshops, competitions for self-improvement. Our… Continue reading Proud LEO